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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017E.coli Bacteraemia SurveillancePublic Health Agency
2016-10Epidemiology of Tuberculosis in Northern Ireland : An surveillance report 2015
Public Health Agency; Kearns, C.A.; Gallagher, N; Devine, M
2018-02Epidemiology of Tuberculosis in Northern Ireland : annual surveillance report 2016
Public Health Agency; Kearns, C.A.; Devine, M; O'Doherty, M.G.
2018-09Guide for health professionals : Breast Screening
Public Health Agency
2017-11Hepatitis B : Factsheet for patients
Public Health Agency
2017-08Hepatitis B : protecting your baby
Public Health Agency
2017-10Hepatitis C - what now? : patient results factsheet
Public Health Agency
2016-12HIV surveillance in Northern Ireland 2016 : An analysis of data for the calendar year 2015
Public Health Agency
2017-11HIV surveillance in Northern Ireland 2017 : an analysis of data for the calendar year 2016
Public Health Agency
2016-02HSENI Guidance for Doctors on the Control of Asbestos Regulations (NI) 2012 : Medical Surveillance for Workers Carrying Out Non-licensable Work with Asbestos
Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland
2017-10Lumps aren't the only sign of breast cancerPublic Health Agency; Graham, Sara
2017-07Measles : don't let your child catch it
Public Health Agency
2017-06Measles : symptoms and treatment
Public Health Agency
2017-07Measles : factsheet for healthcare professionals
Public Health Agency
2017-07Measles : protect yourself, protect others
Public Health Agency
2018-09NI Regional Hepatitis B&C Managed Clinical Network Annual Report 2018Public Health Agency
2018-08Northern Ireland Infectious Disease Incident/Outbreak PlanPublic Health Agency
2016-05Notifiable Epizootic Avian Disease Control Strategy for Northern IrelandDepartment of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs
2016-11Outbreak of Pneumococcal Disease in a Belfast Shipyard April - May 2015Public Health Agency
2018-06Over 70- what now? : Looking after your breasts
Public Health Agency