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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-03-11DE Covid Management - Guidance Note : Use of Face Coverings by Post-Primary Pupils in Classrooms
Department of Education
2022-03Deaf-friendly educationDepartment of Education; National Deaf Children's Society Northern Ireland
2022-01-10Deferral of School Starting Age : Report on the Outcome of Public Consultation
Department of Education
2016-11Delivering Social Change : Improving Literacy and Numeracy Signature Programme
Education and Training Inspectorate
2018-12-10Department of Education Departmental Response to recommendations in the Northern Ireland Audit Office's Report, the Financial Health of Schools : Presented to the Northern Ireland Assembly by the Department of Education, 10th December 2018
Department of Education
2018-03Developing Shared Education : A Framework for Youth Provision Partnerships
Education and Training Inspectorate
2014-11Developing Shared Education. A Framework for School Partnerships : November 2014
Education and Training Inspectorate
2017-12-11Development Proposal (DP) 520 - To Discontinue Provision at Magheralough Primary School, TrillickDepartment of Education
2017-06Dissemination of Best Practice in Teaching and Learning ResearchNational Children's Bureau
2020-10-16Draft Framework for Specialist Provision in Mainstream Schools and Draft Framework for Specialist Provision in Mainstream Schools - PilotNorthern Ireland Education Authority
2020-10-16Draft Special Schools Area Planning FrameworkNorthern Ireland Education Authority
2008-07Education and a shared future : Options for sharing and collaboration in Northern Ireland schools
Community Relations Council; School of Education. Queen's University Belfast; O'Sullivan, Philip; O'Flynn, Ian; Russell, David, 1976-
2017-06Education Authority Strategic Plan 2017-2027 : Summary of Consultation
Northern Ireland Education Authority
2016Education Meeting NSMC Joint Secretariat Offices, Armagh 21 September 2016 Joint CommuniquéNorth South Ministerial Council; Weir, Peter
2021-06-09Education Meeting NSMC Joint Secretariat Offices, Armagh, and by VideoconferenceNorth South Ministerial Council
2020-11-06Education Meeting NSMC Joint Secretariat Offices, Armagh, and by Videoconference Joint CommuniqueNorth South Ministerial Council
2017-09Education Other than at School (EOTAS) : Inspection Guidance
Education and Training Inspectorate
2016-08-08Education system in Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Assembly. Research and Information Service; Perry, Caroline
2017-01Effective Practice and Self-Evaluation Questions for Education other than at SchoolEducation and Training Inspectorate
2017-01Effective Practice and Self-Evaluation Questions for Education Other Than At SchoolEducation and Training Inspectorate