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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01Dementia and care of natural teeth and denturesPublic Health Agency; Health and Social Care Board
2018-02Dementia and sight lossHealth and Social Care Board
2017-10Developing Eyecare Partnerships 2012-2017 : Improving the Commissioning and Provision of Eyecare Services in Northern Ireland
Department of Health; Health and Social are Board; Public Health Agency
2016-11Diabetes Strategic Framework and Implementation Plan : Consultation Responses Summary Report
Department of Health
2018-05Disability Action Plan, Local Actions 2018 - 2023Southern Health and Social Care Trust (Northern Ireland)
2017-02Disability rights in Northern Ireland : Supplementary submission to inform the CRPD List of Issues on the UK
Equality Commission for Northern Ireland; Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
2018-10Don't gamble with your sexual health : Why a check up is important
Public Health Agency
2017-11Draft Disability Action Plan (2018-2023) : Annex B
Department of Health
2017-11Draft Equality Action Plan 2018-2023 : Annex A
Department of Health
2018-05Draft Strategic Framework for Imaging Services in Health and Social Care : Summary of responses to the consultation
Department of Health
2017-08Draft WHSCT Local Actions 2017-2022 : to support HSC Draft Equality Action Plan and Disability Action Plans for 2017-2022
Western Health and Social Care Trust (Northern Ireland)
2017E.coli Bacteraemia SurveillancePublic Health Agency
2018-06Early onset dementia : the experience of living with early onset dementia - people with the condition and family members tell their story
Patient and Client Council (Northern Ireland)
2017-04Eating, drinking and swallowing : A guide for carers of people living with a dementia
Public Health Agency
2015-09-16End of Session Report 2014/15Northern Ireland Assembly. Committee for Health, Social Services and Public Safety; McLaughlin, Maeve
2018-02Epidemiology of Tuberculosis in Northern Ireland : annual surveillance report 2016
Public Health Agency; Kearns, C.A.; Devine, M; O'Doherty, M.G.
2018-05Equality Action Plan : local actions 2018 - 2023
Southern Health and Social Care Trust (Northern Ireland)
2017-11Equality Action Plan, Disability Action Plan (2018 - 2023) : Consultation document
Department of Health
2018-03Equality and Disability Action Plans 2018-2023Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority
2018-10Equality Scheme : Drawn up in accordance with Section 75 and Schedule 9 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998
Southern Health and Social Care Trust (Northern Ireland)