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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-11Proposals to Seek Reversal of the Reclassification of Registered Social Housing Providers in Northern Ireland : consultation document : impact assessment screening forms
Department for Communities
2016-12Proposals to seek reversal of the reclassification of registered Social Housing Providers in Northern IrelandDepartment for Communities
2016-10Quality Assurance of Administrative Data : Administrative data used in the NI Housing Stock Statistics: Property records from Northern Ireland Valuation List
Department of Finance
2017-11Rental Income Maximisation Strategy : 2016-2019
Northern Ireland Housing Executive
2016-02-04Report on the Houses in Multiple Occupancy Bill (NIA Bill 60/11-16)Northern Ireland Assembly. Committee for Social Development; Maskey, Alex
2016-01-07Report on the Housing (Amendment) Bill (NIA Bill 58/11-16)Northern Ireland Assembly. Committee for Social Development; Maskey, Alex
2021-07Response to the Department for Communities on Housing Supply Strategy - 2021Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
2016-09Review of the Living over the Shops Scheme : Analysis of Need and Demand - Final Report
Department for Communities; Public and Corportate Economic Consultants
2016-03Review of the Staturory Minimum Housing Fitness Standard for all Tenures of Dwelling : Discussion Paper
Department for Social Development
2016-01Statement on Key Inequalities in Housing and Communities in Northern IrelandEquality Commission for Northern Ireland
2015Tenant Participation Strategy Consultation : Original Consultation Responses In Full
Department for Social Development
2015Tenant Participation Strategy Consultation Response ReportDepartment for Social Development
2016-01The Governance of Land and Property in the Northern Ireland Housing ExecutiveNorthern Ireland Audit Office
2015-11-04The Housing (Amendment) BillNorthern Ireland Assembly. Research and Information Service; Murphy, Eleanor
2016-09-14The re-classification of Housing Associations in England - implications for Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Assembly. Research and Information Service; Murphy, Eleanor
2016-10Tigers Bay and Mountcollyer Action Plan Sept/Oct 2016 : Building Successful Communities
Department for Communities
2016-01Written Consultation Responses to the Community Cohesion Strategy 2015 - 2020Northern Ireland Housing Executive