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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015New Strategic Direction for Alcohol and Drugs Phase 2 : Third Update Report - July 2015
Department of Health
2022-01-10New Strategies : Call for Views : Domestic and Sexual Abuse (DOH, DOJ) Violence Against Women and Girls (TEO)
Department of Health; Department of Justice; The Executive Office
2020-10Non-Pharmaceutical Options : Measures relating to personal contacts : Annex 1
Department of Health
2021-02-04Northern Ireland (NI) Omnibus NIview Poll Results Report : Poll Period: January 2021 : Poll Question Results - General Report
Department of Health; Lucid Talk Limited; White, Bill
2017-10Northern Ireland Adverse Incident Centre (NIAIC) : Reporting Medical Device and Estates Adverse Incidents
Department of Health
2021-04Northern Ireland Adverse Incident Centre (NIAIC) : Reporting Adverse Incidents and Disseminating Safety Information
Department of Health
2023-10Northern Ireland Framework for Integrated Therapeutic Care : For Care Experienced Children and Young People : The Building Blocks
Department of Health; Queen's University of Belfast
2021-01Northern Ireland Hepatitis C Elimination Plan : Phase 1, 2021 - 2025
Department of Health; Northern Ireland Hepatitis B&C Managed Clinical Network; Public Health Agency
2020-10Northern Ireland Infected Blood Payment Scheme : Beneficiary Survey
Department of Health
2018-08Northern Ireland Medical School Places Review 2018Department of Health
2023-07Northern Ireland Mental Health Services Workforce Review 2022 - 2032Department of Health
2019-06Northern Ireland plan to phase down the use of dental amalgamDepartment of Health
-Northern Ireland Rare Diseases Action PlanDepartment of Health
2019-11Northern Ireland Vaginal Mesh Review Progress Report 2017-2019Department of Health; McMaster, Christine
-Northern Ireland Waiting Time Statistics : Inpatient Waiting Times
Department of Health
2023-01Northern Ireland Written Evidence to NHS Pay Review Body 2023/24Department of Health
2022-03Nursing and Midwifery Retention ReportDepartment of Health
2020-03Nursing and Midwifery Task Group : Next Steps Framework : A Three Phased Approach : 2020 -2026
Department of Health
2020-03Nursing and Midwifery Task Group (NMTG) : Executive Summary
Department of Health
2020-03Nursing and Midwifery Task Group (NMTG) : Report and Recommendations
Department of Health