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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-09Financial Plans and Reports Proposals to Revise the Costs Capping Scheme for Eligible Environmental Challenges : Summary of Responses and Way Forward
Department of Justice
2022-03Findings from the 2020/21 Northern Ireland Safe Community Telephone SurveyDepartment of Justice; NISRA; Ross, K; Gilligan, A
2021-03First Time Entrants to the Criminal Justice System in Northern Ireland - Background Quality ReportDepartment of Justice; Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency
-First Time Entrants to the Criminal Justice System in Northern IrelandDepartment of Justice
2018-09Fourth Composite CSE Implementation Plan Progress Report : 1 st April 2017 to 30 November 2017
Department of Health; Department of Justice; Department of Education
2018Framework for Promoting a Culture of Lawfulness : Executive Programme for Tackling Paramilitary Activity, Criminality, and Organised Crime
Department of Justice
2016-05Frist Day BriefDepartment of Justice
2016-03Good Practice in Achieving Best Evidence Interview with Child Witnesses in Northern Ireland - Criminal Justice PerspectivesDepartment of Justice; Bunting, Lisa, 1974; Carr, Nicola; Hayes, David; Marshall, James
2018-04Guidance for the Collection and Enforcement of Fines and Other Penalties under the Justice Act (Northern Ireland) 2016 : Commencement Date 1 June 2018
Department of Justice
2016-03Guidance for the Operation of the Criminal Records Filtering Review SchemeDepartment of Justice
2016-12Guidance on PCSP Planning 2016 - 2019Department of Justice
2018-09Guidance on PCSP Planning 2019-2022Department of Justice
2017-02Guidance on Slavery and Trafficking Prevention Orders (STPOs) : Section 11 of and Schedule 3 to the Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Criminal Justice and Support for Victims) Act (Northern Ireland) 2015
Department of Justice
2016Guidance on the Violent Offences Prevention Order : Part 8 (Sections 55 – 76) of The Justice Act (Northern Ireland) 2015
Department of Justice
2017-10Guidance to agencies on public protection arrangements (PPANI) : Article 50, Criminal Justice (Northern Ireland) Order 2008
Department of Justice
2022-05Handling Inter-Jurisdictional Child Cases : Guidance for Health and Social Care Trusts and The Northern Ireland Central Authority - The Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunal Service
Department of Health; Department of Justice
2020-11-26Hate Crime Legislation in Northern Ireland : Independent Review : Executive Summary
Department of Justice
2017-11Human Rights Act Impact Assessment ProformaDepartment of Justice
2018-01-22Human Rights Act Impact Assessment Proforma : Draft for Consultation
Department of Justice
2019-02-18Human Rights Act Impact Assessment Proforma : Draft impact Assessment
Department of Justice