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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-03Good Practice in Achieving Best Evidence Interview with Child Witnesses in Northern Ireland - Criminal Justice PerspectivesDepartment of Justice; Bunting, Lisa, 1974; Carr, Nicola; Hayes, David; Marshall, James
2018-04Guidance for the Collection and Enforcement of Fines and Other Penalties under the Justice Act (Northern Ireland) 2016 : Commencement Date 1 June 2018
Department of Justice
2016-03Guidance for the Operation of the Criminal Records Filtering Review SchemeDepartment of Justice
2016-12Guidance on PCSP Planning 2016 - 2019Department of Justice
2018-09Guidance on PCSP Planning 2019-2022Department of Justice
2017-02Guidance on Slavery and Trafficking Prevention Orders (STPOs) : Section 11 of and Schedule 3 to the Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Criminal Justice and Support for Victims) Act (Northern Ireland) 2015
Department of Justice
2016Guidance on the Violent Offences Prevention Order : Part 8 (Sections 55 – 76) of The Justice Act (Northern Ireland) 2015
Department of Justice
2017-10Guidance to agencies on public protection arrangements (PPANI) : Article 50, Criminal Justice (Northern Ireland) Order 2008
Department of Justice
2022-05Handling Inter-Jurisdictional Child Cases : Guidance for Health and Social Care Trusts and The Northern Ireland Central Authority - The Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunal Service
Department of Health; Department of Justice
2020-11-26Hate Crime Legislation in Northern Ireland : Independent Review : Executive Summary
Department of Justice
2017-11Human Rights Act Impact Assessment ProformaDepartment of Justice
2018-01-22Human Rights Act Impact Assessment Proforma : Draft for Consultation
Department of Justice
2019-02-18Human Rights Act Impact Assessment Proforma : Draft impact Assessment
Department of Justice
2021-02ICC Belfast Operational Guidance : A guide for users of the waiting and consultation facilities at NICTS Nightingale Lagan
Department of Justice
2017-02Impact Assessment Screening : Introduction of a Statutory Registration Scheme for all Providers of Publicly Funded Legal Services in Northern Ireland
Department of Justice; McGuicken, Mark
2020-06Implementation Plan : The Gillen Review into the law and procedures in serious sexual offences in Northern Ireland
Department of Justice
2018-12-10Improving Cost Recovery in the Civil Courts : Draft Regulatory Impact Assessment
Department of Justice
2019-06Improving Health within Criminal Justice : A Strategy and Action Plan to Ensure that Children, Young People and Adults in Contact with the Criminal Justice System are Healthier, Safer and Less Likely to be Involved in Offending Behaviour
Department of Justice; Department of Health
2019-06Improving Health within Criminal Justice : Action Plan
Department of Justice
2023-03Improving the effectiveness of Hate Crime Legislation in Northern Ireland : Summary of Phase One consultation and call for views responses and way forward
Department of Justice