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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01Making a Complaint or raising a Dispute to AccessNIDepartment of Justice
2013-06Making a Difference to Victims and Witnesses of Crime Improving Access to Justice, Services and SupportDepartment of Justice
2019-05Management of Minors' and Patients' FundsDepartment of Justice
2019-12Management of Minors' and Patients' Funds : Response to Consultation
Department of Justice
2021-03-29Mandatory Retirement Age for Devolved Judicial Office Holders in Northern Ireland : Response to Consultation
Department of Justice
2016-03Mental Health & Wellbeing and Personality Disorders : A Guide for Criminal Justice Professionals
Department of Justice
2016-07Modern Slavery Act 2015 Code of Practice Maritime Powers : Code Of Practice To Be Followed By Northern Ireland Constables And Enforcement Officers When Arresting A Person Under The Power Conferred By Paragraph 22(2) Of Schedule 2 To The Modern Slavery Act 2015
Department of Justice
2021-03Modernising the Courts and Tribunals in Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Courts and Tribunal Service; Department of Justice
2021-03Mortgages : Actions for Possession Bulletin : Background Quality Report
Department of Justice; Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency
2020-03-31NIPS Policy on Temporary Release during the Coronavirus (Covid 19) Public Health EmergencyDepartment of Justice
2018-09Northern Ireland Judicial Pension Scheme : Scheme Guide
Department of Justice
2020-10-13Northern Ireland Judicial Pensions: Proposed response to McCloud : Consultation
Department of Justice
2019-04Northern Ireland Modern Slavery Strategy 2019-2020Department of Justice; Organised Crime Task Force
2021-12Northern Ireland Registered Intermediaries Schemes Pilot Project : Post-Project Review
Department of Justice
2020-03Northern Ireland Safe Community Survey : Assessment of the feasibility to include children aged 10 to 15 and communal establishments
Department of Justice; Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency
2021-08-05Northern Ireland Safe Community Survey : Update on the effect of Covid-19 on the 2020/21 and 2021/22 surveys : 2020/21 survey
Department of Justice
2020-06Pensions Appeal Tribunal (Northern Ireland) Remote Hearing Protocol June 2020Department of Justice
2016-01Perceptions of Crime : Findings from the 2014/15 Northern Ireland Crime Survey
Department of Justice; Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency; O'Donnell, C.; Campbell, P. (Patricia)
2021-11Perceptions of Crime : Findings from the 2019/20 Northern Ireland Safe Community Survey : Revision notice
Department of Justice
2020-02Perceptions of Crime: Findings from the 2018/19 Northern Ireland Safe Community SurveyDepartment of Justice; Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency; Banks, V; Campbell, P