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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-03Parental Bereavement Leave and Pay : Frequently Asked Questions
Labour Relations Agency
2017-04Pay the right ratesLabour Relations Agency
2017-08Pay the right ratesLabour Relations Agency
2016-02Pay the right ratesLabour Relations Agency
2016-02Planning employment needsLabour Relations Agency
2016-03Policy and Guidelines on the Acceptance of, and Expenditure on, Gifts and HospitalityLabour Relations Agency
2016-12Potential problems at Christmas timeLabour Relations Agency
2016-11Pregnancy and Maternity at WorkLabour Relations Agency; Equality Commission for Northern Ireland
2016-12Problems at work? : What you need to know about dealing with problems at work
Labour Relations Agency
2021-05Promoting Equality in Employment for Women Affected by Menopause : Guidance for Employers, Trade Union Representatives and Employees
Irish Congress of Trade Unions; Equality Commission for Northern Ireland; Labour Relations Agency
-Public Authority Statutory Equality and Good Relations Duties Annual Progress ReportLabour Relations Agency
2016-02Recruiting peopleLabour Relations Agency
2017-05Redundancy Flow ChartLabour Relations Agency
2021-10Redundancy FlowchartLabour Relations Agency
2016Redundancy Pay TableLabour Relations Agency
2016-02Rules and proceduresLabour Relations Agency
2022-08Safe at home, Safe at work : Guidance for Employers and Trade Unions on how to support employees affected by domestic violence and abuse
Labour Relations Agency; Irish Congress of Trade Unions. Northern Ireland Committee
2016-04-01Self help guide : Preparing a disciplinary procedure (to address issues of misconduct) and a general dismissal procedure
Labour Relations Agency
2016-04Self help guide : Preparing a Statement of Main Terms and Conditions of Employment
Labour Relations Agency
2016-04-01Self help guide : Preparing an Absence Notification and Certification Procedure
Labour Relations Agency