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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-072019 Census Rehearsal : Independent Information Assurance Review
Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency; Bridewell Consulting
2019-113+ Review : Guidance for Pre-school Education Teachers and Leaders : Health and Education working in Partnership to Support Pre-school Children
Department of Education; Health and Social Care Board
2017-05-17A High-Level Review of UR's RP6 Draft Determination : A note for the Consumer Council for Northern Ireland
Economic Consulting Associates
2015-11A Managed Change : An Agenda for Creating a Sustainable Basis for Domiciliary Care in Northern Ireland
Health and Social Care Board
2018-09A Regional Audit of Weekend Handover in Acute General Surgical Units in Northern Ireland, Phase 1Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority
2018A Regional Podiatry Audit of the Multidisciplinary Management of Rheumatological Foot Health Problems in Adults and Children in Northern IrelandRegulation and Quality Improvement Authority
2016-11A Regional Podiatry-led Audit of Multidisciplinary Diabetes Foot Ulcer Management in Community and Hospital sites in Northern IrelandRegulation and Quality Improvement Authority; Guidelines and Audit Implementation Network
2018A Report on the Northern Ireland Executive's Child Poverty Strategy : 2017/2018
Department for Communities
2020-04A Review into the Methods the Police Service of Northern Ireland use to Disclose Information in Respect of Historic Cases to the Office of the Police Ombudsman for Northern IrelandCriminal Justice Inspectorate
2020-09A Review of Evaluation of EITP Workstream 4 : Trauma Informed Practice Workforce Development Workforce : Executive Summary Report
Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland
2018-12A Review of Northern Ireland Seal Count Data 1992-2017 : Investigating population trends and recommendations for future monitoring
Northern Ireland Environment Agency; Centre for Environmental Data and Recording; Queen's University Belfast; Culloch, Ross M; Horne, Nicholas; Kregting, Louise
2017-05A Review of the Affordability of Social Rents in Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Housing Executive; Young, Gillian; Wilcox, Steve; Leishman, Chris; McCloy, Sarah
2019-09A Review of the Criminalisation of Paying for Sexual Services in Northern IrelandDepartment of Justice; Ellison, Graham; Dhónaill, Caoimhe Ní; Early, Erin
2016-08A Review of the Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland (SBNI)Jay, Alexis; Somers, Kathy
2019-05A strategy for achieving tourism growth from Great Britain to the island of Ireland 2019-2025 : Great Britain Market Review
GB Market Review Steering Group
2020-09-01A V-LINC Analysis of Northern Ireland's Cyber Security EcosystemInterTradeIreland; Cork Institute of Technology; Northern Ireland Cyber Security System; Dr Hobbs, John; Byrne, Eoin; Dr Sargent, Cliodhna; Kuli, Tabona
2020-09-01A V-LINC Analysis of the Irish South West Cyber Security EcosystemInterTradeIreland; Cork Institute of Technology; Cyber Ireland; Dr Hobbs, John; Byrne, Eoin; Dr Sargent, Cliodhna; Kuli, Tabona
2017-08A6 Londonderry to Dungiven dualling : Review of the Environmental Statement and Habitats Regulations Assessment
Department for Infrastructure
2016-08A6 Randalstown to Castledawson dualling : Lough Neagh & Lough Beg SPA
AECOM (Firm); Sue Bell Ecology
2017-09-26Access to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Audit Office