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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-05-26NI Economic Accounts Project : Methodology Guide
Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency
2016-05-26NI Economic Accounts Project : Experimental Results
Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency
2016-02NI Economic Growth Bulletin - Prepared January 2016Northern Ireland Executive
2016-12NI Economic Growth Bulletin - Prepared November 2015Northern Ireland Executive
2015NI Economic Growth Bulletin - Prepared October 2015Northern Ireland Executive
2015-09NI Growth Bulletin - Prepared September 2015Northern Ireland Executive
2017NI Hotel Performance (Jan - Dec 2016)Tourism Northern Ireland
2015-12-16NI Manufacturing Sales and Exports 2014Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment; Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency
-NI Non-Financial Business Economy. Provisional local unit results : (annual business inquiry)Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency
2016-12NI Regional Hepatitis B&C Managed Clinical Network Annual Report 2016Public Health Agency
2018-09NI Regional Hepatitis B&C Managed Clinical Network Annual Report 2018Public Health Agency
2016-08NI Road Safety Strategy to 2020 - Annual Statistical Report : Statement of User Needs
Driver & Vehicle Agency
2017-02NI v GB Law : Key differences in employment law between NI and GB - February 2017
Labour Relations Agency
-NICIE Annual ReportNorthern Ireland Council for Integrated Education
-NIEA Business PlanNorthern Ireland Environment Agency
2016-07NIEA Compliance Monitoring PlanNorthern Ireland Environment Agency
2016NIEA WEEE & Batteries Comliance Monitoring Plan 2016 - 17Northern Ireland Environment Agency
2015-09NIRSS to 2020 - Developing a novice driver indicatorDepartment of the Environment
-NISRA business planNorthern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency
-NISRA Customer SatisfactionNorthern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency