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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-11-18Paper 1 : Impact of Brexit on Cross-Border Activity: Briefing Paper for the eighth meeting of the North/South Inter - Parliamentary Association
Northern Ireland Assembly. Research and Information Service; Oireachtas Library & Research Service
2017-01Paragraph 10 Investigation - Final Investigation Report. Office of the First and deputy First Minister (now The Executive Office) complaint by Northern Ireland's Commissioner for Children and Young PeopleEquality Commission for Northern Ireland
2015-10-19Paramilitary Groups in Northern IrelandGreat Britain. Northern Ireland Office
2015-12Parliamentary Electorate on 1 December 2015Boundary Commission for Northern Ireland
2016-07Part One : Attendance in Schools ETI Good Practice Report
Education and Training Inspectorate
2017-10Payments : Northern Ireland
Invest Northern Ireland (Organization)
2016-03Payments to Top 100 Counsel 2014/15Legal Services Agency Northern Ireland
2016-03Payments to Top 100 Solicitors 2014/15Legal Services Agency Northern Ireland
2015Peace Impact Programme : Case Studies June 2015
International Fund for Ireland
2015-09Peace Impact Programme : Final Evaluation Report
International Fund for Ireland
2017-10Peace Walls Programme Attitudinal Survey Summary of ResultsInternational Fund for Ireland
2016Peacebuilding and the Women's Sector in Northern Ireland : An overview of reports and programmes
Institute for Conflict Research; Pierson, Claire; Radford, Katy
2017-02Pensioners' Income Series Bulletin Northern Ireland : Quality and Methodology Information Report
Department for Communities
2017-03Perception and Awareness of Peace 4 and Interreg 5A Programmes : Results March 2017
Special EU Programmes Body
2017-08Perceptions of Electronic Monitoring : Findings from the 2013/14 to 2015/16 Northern Ireland Crime Surveys
Department of Justice; Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency; Ramsden, R.; Rice, A.
2017-09Perceptions of the Youth Justice Agency : Findings from the 2010/11 to 2015/16 Northern Ireland Crime Surveys
Department of Justice; Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency; Ramsden, R.; Rice, A.
2017Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) and its impact : Monitoring, measuring and evaluating the impact of PPI in Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland : Main Report
Public Health Agency; Patient and Client Council; Duffy, Joe; Gillen, Patricia; Agnew, Carolyn; Casson, Karen; Davidson, Gavin; McGlone, Ann; McKeever, Brendan
2018-06Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) Annual Progress Report : 1 April 2016 - 31 March 2017
Western Health and Social Care Trust (Northern Ireland)
2018-03PFG - 2016/2021 Measurement Annex : % of schools found to be good or better
Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency
2017-11Pilot Programme : Urban Villages tourism research and content development
Northern Ireland Executive