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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-09Collaboration on Science and Innovation : A Future Partnership
Invest Northern Ireland (Organization)
2016Community Cohesion Strategy 2015-20Northern Ireland Housing Executive
2019-04-22Consumer Protection Programme : 2019-2022
Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation
2018-04-12Consumer protection strategy : 2016/17 - 2020/21 : Report from Consumer Summit
Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation; Social Research Centre
2016-02Consumer protection strategy 2016/17-2020/21 : Final decisions
Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation
2018-08Consumer Protection Strategy Review : Vulnerable customer review to assist with Consumer Protection Programme development
Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation
2021-09-03Contingency Framework for Vulnerable Children and Young People when schools/education settings are directly impacted by Covid-19 restrictionsDepartment of Education
2018-02Contingency Plan for Exotic Pests and Diseases of Honey Bees for Northern IrelandAgri-Food and Biosciences Institute; Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs
2020-05-12Coronavirus : Executive Approach to Decision-Making
Northern Ireland Executive
2020-01Corporate Governance FrameworkDepartment for Infrastructure
2018-04Corporate Governance FrameworkPublic Prosecution Service
2016Corporate Plan 2014-2016Special EU Programmes Body
2020-11Corporate Plan 2017-2019Special EU Programmes Body
2017-01Corporate Plan 2017-2021Northern Ireland Practice and Education Council for Nursing & Midwifery
2017-05Corporate Plan 2017-2021Western Health and Social Care Trust (Northern Ireland)
2020-11Corporate Plan 2020-22Special EU Programmes Body
2017-11Corporate Strategy 2017-2021Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority
2019-03-29Corporate strategy 2019-2024 : Protecting Consumers, Today and Tomorrow
Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation
2020-08-14COVID-19 Management FrameworkPublic Health Agency
2020-10-06COVID-19 Pandemic : Surge Planning Strategic Framework
Department of Health