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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-11Matters of Material Significance reportable to UK charity regulators : a guide for auditors and independent examiners
Charity Commission for Northern Ireland; Charity Commission for England and Wales; Scottish Charity Regulator
2016-06-24North South Language Body Meeting NMSC Joint Secretariat Offices, Armagh 24 June 2016 Joint CommuniqueNorth South Ministerial Council
2017North/South Implementation Bodies Annual Reports and Accounts GuidanceDepartment of Finance; Ireland. Department of Public Expenditure and Reform
2017-10Northern Ireland Central Investment Fund for Charities : Statement of Investment Policy
Department for Communities
2015-09Personal and Public Involvement Action Plan 2015-16Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority
2016-08-15Prevention of Congenital Rubella infection in Northern IrelandDepartment of Health
2016-09Proposed closure of Ballynahinch, Cookstown and Newcastle Social Security Offices and Jobcentres : Rural Impact Assessment
Department for Communities
2016-02Protecting you and your baby : Blood tests at your first antenatal visit
Public Health Agency
2019-05-24Public Reporting StandardsNorthern Ireland Audit Office
2016-08Public trust and confidence in charitiesIpsos MORI (Firm); Charity Commission for Northern Ireland
2017-10Quality Standards and IndependenceNorthern Ireland Audit Office
2018Remuneration Committee Standing OrdersNorthern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency
2016Report and Financial Statements 31 March 2016Rural Development Council (Northern Ireland)
2018-09Reporting of costs, charges and other information : Guidance for trustees and managers of relevant occupational schemes
Department for Communities
2016-07Response to Consultation Paper - Defamation Law in Northern IrelandDepartment of Finance
2016-04Safeguarding Policy StatementNorthern Ireland Museums Council
2017-10Scope of financial audit, responsibilities and other mattersNorthern Ireland Audit Office
2016-08Standing Orders, Including Standing Financial InstructionsHealth and Social Care Board
2019-03-26Structural maintenance of the Road NetworkNorthern Ireland Audit Office
2016-06Summary of Responses to the Consultation on Designation of Areas of Natural ConstraintDepartment of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs