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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-03Base 2 : Working to Support Individuals Under Threat : An Inspection of the Role of Base 2 in Threat Verification
Criminal Justice Inspectorate
2016-05Bribery PolicyNorthern Ireland Ambulance Service. Health and Social Care Trust
2016-03Business and Rural CrimeDepartment of Justice
2020-11Business Crime : A Follow-up Review of how the Criminal Justice System Deals with Business Crime in Northern Ireland
Criminal Justice Inspectorate
2018-05Business Crime Action PlanBusiness Crime Partnership
2016-06Business Crime Action Plan 2016-2017Department of Justice; Northern Ireland Policing Board; Police Service of Northern Ireland
2017-12CJINI Report : An inspection of the criminal justice system's response to hate crime in Northern Ireland
Equality Commission for Northern Ireland
2017Commission for Victims and Survivors Response to Draft Programme for Government Framework 2016 -21Commission for Victims and Survivors
2016-12Commission for Victims and Survivors Response to Programme for Government Consultation DocumentCommission for Victims and Survivors
2020-11Consent to serious harm for sexual gratification : Not a defence : A public consultation
Department of Justice
2016-03Domestic and Sexual Violence and AbuseDepartment of Justice
2018-03Domestic Violence and Abuse Disclosure Scheme Northern Ireland (DVADS NI) GuidanceDepartment of Justice
2019-04Draft Modern Slavery Strategy 2019-2020 : Summary of Responses to the Consultation
Department of Justice; Organised Crime Task Force
2016-10Draft Northern Ireland Human Trafficking and Exploration Strategy 2016/17Department of Justice
2016-07-01Draft Northern Ireland Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Strategy 2016/17Department of Justice
2016-07Draft Witness Charter ConsultationDepartment of Justice
2016-09Extended Equality Action Plan 2015-16Department of Justice
2016-03Fear of CrimeDepartment of Justice
2017-08First Time Entrants to the Criminal Justice System in Northern Ireland 2015/16Department of Justice; Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency; Graham, I.
2018Framework for Promoting a Culture of Lawfulness : Executive Programme for Tackling Paramilitary Activity, Criminality, and Organised Crime
Department of Justice