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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation in Northern Ireland : Second Progress Report
Department of Justice
2019-04Tackling Paramilitary Activity, Criminality, and Organised Crime : Executive Action Plan : Update on Delivery
Department of Justice
2019The Executive Action Plan On Tackling Paramilitary Activity, Criminality And Organised Crime : Evidence Base for the Delivery of Focused Impact Interventions : Communities in Transition project (Commitment B4)
Department of Justice
2016-06The Impact of Prisoner Recalls on the Criminal Justice System in Northern IrelandCriminal Justice Inspectorate
2020-06-11The National Fraud Initiative : Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Audit Office
2016-04The Northern Ireland Organised Crime StrategyOrganised Crime Task Force
2016-12-01Trends in Police Recorded Crime in Northern Ireland 1998/99 to 2015/16 : Annual Bulletin
Police Service of Northern Ireland; Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency
2019-07-24Use of a Mobile Phone While Driving : Synopsis of Responses : Review of Existing Offence and Associated Penalties
Department for Infrastructure
2015-09Victim Charter : A Charter for Victims of crime
Department of Justice
2015Whistleblowing PolicyNorthern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency
2016-07-05Witness Charter : A Charter for Witnesses of Crime
Department of Justice
2017-01Witness Charter Summary : A Charter for Witnesses of Crime
Department of Justice
2010-10Women's Offending Behaviour in Northern Ireland : A Strategy to Manage Women Offenders and Those Vulnerable to Offending Behaviour 2010-2013
Department of Justice
2018-11Working arrangements for the welfare and protection of adult victims of human trafficking and modern slaveryDepartment of Justice; Police Service of Northern Ireland; Health and Social Care Board
2018Year 5 Progress Report : Progress under the Stopping Domestic and Sexual Violence and Abuse Strategy's Year Five Action Plan (2020-21)
Department of Justice