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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-11Action Plan - Sexual Abuse/Violence ResearchDepartment of Justice
2018-03Allocation of fundingDepartment of Justice
2017-12Allocation of fundingDepartment of Justice
2016-09-27Business Plan 2016/17Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service. Central Management Unit
2018-12CJINI report : An inspection of the criminal justice system's response to hate crime in Northern Ireland
Equality Commission for Northern Ireland
2014-12-08Consultation - Review of Criminal Damage and Criminal Injuries Compensation SchemesDepartment of Justice
2016-04-19Consultation Paper [on proposed changes in the methodology used to report on the numbers of Orders made in Children Order Courts]Department of Justice. Analytical Services Group; Darragh, C. (Caroline)
2016-08Court Prosecutions, Convictions and Out of Court Disposals Statistics for Northern Ireland, 2015 (Revised)Department of Justice. Analytical Services Group; Graham, I.; Ramsden, R.
2015-06-18Criminal Records Filtering Review Mechanism Consultation DocumentDepartment of Justice
2017-06Cyber Crime : An inspection of how the Criminal Justice System deals with Cyber Crime in Northern Ireland
Criminal Justice Inspectorate
2017-11-31Data Protection Impact AssessmentDepartment of Justice
2016-08Delivering an Independent and Confidential ServiceIndependent Assessor of Complaints for the Public Prosecution Service
2017-12Direction Given Under the Magistrates' Courts and County Court Appeals (Criminal Legal Aid) (Costs) Rules (Northern Ireland) 2009 : Direction No.4 of 2017 : Interim Payments in Criminal Cased in the Magistrates' Courts and County Courts
Department of Justice
2016-06Forensic Services Strategy 2016 - 2019Forensic Science Northern Ireland
2016-06Fraud Response Plan (Revised)Libraries NI
2016-03Guidance for the Operation of the Criminal Records Filtering Review SchemeDepartment of Justice
2020-08-14Guidance on decision-making for the Victims' Payments SchemeGreat Britain. Northern Ireland Office
2017-02Guidance on Slavery and Trafficking Prevention Orders (STPOs) : Section 11 of and Schedule 3 to the Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Criminal Justice and Support for Victims) Act (Northern Ireland) 2015
Department of Justice
2017-11Human Rights Act Impact Assessment ProformaDepartment of Justice
2017-02Impact Assessment Screening : Introduction of a Statutory Registration Scheme for all Providers of Publicly Funded Legal Services in Northern Ireland
Criminal Justice Inspectorate; McGuicken, Mark