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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-23The Executive Office Departmental Response to recommendations in the Northern Ireland Audit Office's Report The Social Investment Fund : Presented to the Northern Ireland Assembly by The Executive Office
Executive Office
2016-11-03The Executive's Forthcoming Revised Economic Strategy for Northern Ireland : Preliminary Considerations
Northern Ireland Assembly. Research and Information Service. Finance and Economics Research Team; Murphy, Eoin; Scholes, Michael; Stennett, Aidan
2017-05The Labour Relations Agency's Response to the Executive's 28 October 2016 Consultation on the Draft Programme for Government FrameworkLabour Relations Agency
2016-07-07The National Fraud Initiative : Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Audit Office
2018-06-19The National Fraud Initiative : Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Audit Office
2015-09-29The Northern Ireland Events CompanyNorthern Ireland Audit Office
2018-11-08The Social Investment FundNorthern Ireland Audit Office
2016-09The Use of Business Cases in the Public SectorPublic Finance Scrutiny Unit
2016-12-22The Use of Retention in Construction Works ContractsNorthern Ireland. Central Procurement Directorate
2021-11-12UK Spending Review & Autumn Budget 2021 : key points to inform Draft NI Executive Budget 2022-25
Northern Ireland Assembly. Research and Information Service; Public Finance Scrutiny Unit
2015-12Updated formula for Mental Health Programme of Care to be incorporated into the Regional Capitation Formula : Equality, Good Relations and Human Rights : Screening Template
Health and Social Care Board
2016Valuation Services : Property Specialists for the Public Sector
Department of Finance and Personnel. Land & Property Services
2016-09-16"What Works Centres" : An Overview of a Growing Network in Supporting Government and Potential Considerations for Northern Ireland
Public Finance Scrutiny Unit