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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-04Making Communication Accessible for All : A Guide for Health & Social Care (HSC) Staff
Health and Social Care Board
2018-08Management Statement (Tab A) and Financial Memorandum (Tab B) Between DoH and PHAPublic Health Agency
2018-02Management Statement Between Department of Health for Northern Ireland & South Eastern Health & Social Care TrustSouth Eastern Health and Social Care Trust (Northern Ireland); Department of Health
2017-10Management Statement Between Department of Heath & Northern Ireland Ambulance Service Health & Social Care TrustNorthern Ireland Ambulance Service. Health and Social Care Trust; Department of Health
2017-06Management Statement Between The Department of Health and Northern Ireland Practice and Education Council for Nursing and MidwiferyNorthern Ireland Practice and Education Council for Nursing & Midwifery
2016-06Managing of Purchasing (Incorporating Control of Contracts and Contractors)Department of Health
2020-02-19Mapping of GP SurgeriesNorthern Ireland Assembly. Research and Information Service; McKay, Keara (GIS consultant)
2016-09ME/CFS in Northern Ireland : Position Statement as at 31 August 2016
Patient and Client Council (Northern Ireland)
2017-04NISCC (Regulations) Rules 2017Northern Ireland Social Care Council
2021-02-04Northern Ireland (NI) Omnibus NIview Poll Results Report : Poll Period: January 2021 : Poll Question Results - General Report
Department of Health; Lucid Talk Limited; White, Bill
2018-08Northern Ireland Infectious Disease Incident/Outbreak PlanPublic Health Agency
2017Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) and its impact : Monitoring, measuring and evaluating the impact of PPI in Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland : Main Report
Public Health Agency; Patient and Client Council; Duffy, Joe; Gillen, Patricia; Agnew, Carolyn; Casson, Karen; Davidson, Gavin; McGlone, Ann; McKeever, Brendan
2018Policy and Procedure for Conducting a Data Protection Impact AssessmentNorthern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency
2017-01Policy and Procedure on the Management and Handling of Complaints Against RQIARegulation and Quality Improvement Authority
2017-12-20Policy for InspectionRegulation and Quality Improvement Authority
2018-05Policy for the reporting of: Adverse Incidents/Accidents/Near Misses and Dangerous OccurrencesNorthern Ireland Practice and Education Council for Nursing & Midwifery
2018-05Privacy PolicyPatient and Client Council (Northern Ireland)
2015-12Proposed Changes to the Northern Ireland Weighted Capitation Formula : Sixth Review
Health and Social Care Board
2018-07Publication SchemeNorthern Ireland Practice and Education Council for Nursing & Midwifery
2016Records Management Disposal ScheduleNorthern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency