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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-11-24Report on the Water and Sewerage Services BillNorthern Ireland Assembly. Committee for Regional Development; Clarke, Trevor
2016-09Retention and Disposal ScheduleDepartment of Finance
2022-01-26Review of the Governance and Accountability Arrangements for the Northern Ireland Audit Office and the Northern Ireland Public Services OmbudsmanNorthern Ireland Assembly. Audit Committee
2017-08Review of the Historic Buildings Council and the Historic Monuments CouncilHistoric Environment Division
2019-12Revised Procedures for Complaints and Investigations Under Paragraphs 10 and 11 of Schedule 9 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998 : Consultation Report
Equality Commission for Northern Ireland
2020-11-03Roles and Remits of Independent Fiscal Institutions : United Kingdom and Ireland
Northern Ireland Assembly. Research and Information Service; Public Finance Scrutiny Unit
2016-10-17Rules and Arrangements governing All-Party Groups in the Northern Ireland Assembly and other UK Parliaments/AssembliesNorthern Ireland Assembly. Research and Information Service; Wade, Sammy
2018-01Rural Needs Impact Assessment : Proposals to amend the Recovery of Defence Costs Order Scheme
Department of Justice
2018Safeguarding Policy and Procedures : The South
North/South Language Body (Ireland)
2018Safeguarding Policy and Procedures : The North
North/South Language Body (Ireland)
2018-12-13Scheme for a Research Allowance to support political parties on the Policing BoardNorthern Ireland Policing Board
2018-03-07Service Continuity Plan : April 2017Community Relations Council
2018-11-26SONI: Article 14 (8) Notice and Licence Modification Decision : SONI Annual Reporting : Regulatory Instructions and Guidance Decision
Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation
2020-01Special Adviser Appointments : Written Statement
Department of Finance
2020-01Special Adviser Appointments : The Code Governing the Appointment of Special Advisers
Department of Finance
2018-10Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal (SENDT) : Nature of the Role - SENDT Legal Chairman
Northern Ireland Judicial Appointments Commission
2016-12Special EU Programmes Meeting NSMC Joint Secretariat Offices, Armagh 2 December 2016 Joint CommuniqueNorth South Ministerial Council
2020-10-30Special EU Programmes Meeting NSMC Joint Secretariat Offices, Armagh, and by Videoconference Joint CommuniqueNorth South Ministerial Council
2019-03Standing OrdersArts Council of Northern Ireland
2021-02Standing Orders including Reservation and Delegation of PowersSouthern Health and Social Care Trust (Northern Ireland)