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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Freedom of Information : North South Implementation Bodies and Tourism Ireland Ltd
North South Ministerial Council
2016-08Freedom of Information Act Policy (Revised June 2015)Northern Ireland Screen Commission
2016-08-06Freedom of Information PolicyTranslink
2015-09Freedom of Information Publication SchemeLabour Relations Agency
2019-08Gender Pay Strategy and Pay Reporting : Summary of Policy Recommendations
Equality Commission for Northern Ireland
2019-08General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Policy & ProceduresMaze Long Kesh Development Corporation
2020-03-11Governance issues in Sport Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Audit Office
2016-06Guidance for Staff Involved with Whistleblowing AllegationsDepartment for the Economy
2021-06-26Guidance for WitnessesNorthern Ireland Assembly. Commissioner for Standards
2021-06-24Guidance on Carrying Out a Skills and Attributes Audit on a Public BoardCommissioner for Public Appointments for Northern Ireland
2016Guidance on issuing an apologyNorthern Ireland Public Services Ombudsman
2019-06Guidance on the laying, presenting and depositing of papers in the Northern Ireland AssemblyExecutive Office
2022-06-17Guidance on the Laying, Presenting and Depositing of Papers in the Northern Ireland AssemblyExecutive Office
2015-09Guidance to staff on the acceptance of External Gifts, Hospitality and AwardsNorthern Ireland Practice and Education Council for Nursing & Midwifery
2016-10Guide to Group Work Programmes & Individual InterventionsProbation Board for Northern Ireland
2016-11Health and Food Safety Meeting NSMC Joint Secretariat Offices, Armagh 9 November 2016 Joint CommuniquéNorth South Ministerial Council
2015-09-10Health and Social Care (Control of Data Processing) BillNorthern Ireland Assembly. Research and Information Service; Black, Lesley-Ann
2016-03-21Helping you to help your constituentsNorthern Ireland Public Services Ombudsman
2018-12Hierarchy of developments : Development Management : Practice Note 01
Department for Infrastructure
2020-08How We Regulate : Group Structures and Partnerships
Department for Communities