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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-03A4 Enniskillen Southern Bypass : Record of Determination : Annex II relevant projects
2018-03A4 Enniskillen Southern Bypass : Volume 3 : Non-Technical Summary (Environmental Impact Assessment Report)
Department for Infrastructure. Roads; Atkins Ltd
2018-03A4 Enniskillen Southern Bypass Proposed SchemeDepartment for Infrastructure
2016-10A5 Western Transport Corridor Wider Economic BenefitsVolterra Partners
2016-07-01A5WTC On-line Assessment ReportMouchel Management Consultants
2017-08A6 Londonderry to Dungiven dualling : Review of the Environmental Statement and Habitats Regulations Assessment
Department for Infrastructure
2017-08A6 Londonderry to Dungiven duallingAECOM (Firm)
2016-08A6 Randalstown to Castledawson dualling : Lough Neagh & Lough Beg SPA
AECOM (Firm); Sue Bell Ecology
2017-03-15Allocation of Reference Numbers for Bridges, VRS Safety Barriers, Retaining Walls, Masts, Gantries and SlopesTransportNI; Fails, Victor
2017-02Allocation of Structure and VRS Safety Barrier Reference Numbers : Appendix F - History of Structure Numbering
2017-03Appendix A - Allocation Of Number Ranges For Bridges (Structure type prefix BR)TransportNI
2017-03Appendix B - Allocation Of Number Ranges For VRS Safety Barriers (Structure type prefix VR)TransportNI
2017-03Appendix C - Allocation Of Number Ranges For Retaining Walls (Structure type prefix RW)TransportNI
2017-03Appendix D - Allocation Of Number Ranges For Slopes (Structure type prefix SL)TransportNI
2017-03Appendix E - Allocation Of Number Ranges For High Masts and Gantries (Structure type prefix MG)Driver & Vehicle Agency
2016-07-26Appendix TNI - Theme Report : Landscape
2016-07-16Appendix TNI - Theme Report : Flood Risk Assessment
2016-07-29Appendix TNI - Theme Report : Agriculture
2016-07-25Appendix TNI - Theme Report : Noise
2016-07-22Appendix TNI - Theme Report : Priority Habitats