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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-03Carers : Legislation, Policy and Practice
Northern Ireland Assembly. Research and Information Service; Betts, Jennifer; Thompson, Janice (Parliamentary researcher)
2017-06Case-Related Complaints Policy : complaints policy and procedure about the Guardian as Litem in connection with Public Law and Adoption Proceedings under the Children (NI) Order 1995 and Adoption (NI) Order 1987
Northern Ireland Guardian Ad Litem Agency
2017-07Changes required to the passporting of individuals to Help with Health Costs as a result of the introduction of Universal Credit : Consultation
Department of Health
2015-11Corporate Parenting : Proposal for closure of Racecourse Road Childrens Home and reconfiguration of the resources, in line with Foster Care and Residential Care Strategies
Western Health and Social Care Trust (Northern Ireland)
2021-05-10Covid-19 : Guidance for Residential Children's Homes in Northern Ireland
Department of Health
2021-05Covid-19 : Guidance for providers of Adoption Services
Department of Health
2021-06COVID-19 Vulnerable Children and Young Peoples Plan : Consultation Analysis Report
Department of Health
2020-09Cross-Departmental Actions for Vulnerable Children and Young People during the Covid-19 Pandemic Period : Consultation Document
Department of Health
2016-10Disciplinary ProcedureNorthern Ireland Guardian Ad Litem Agency
2017-04Disclosure PolicyNorthern Ireland Social Care Council
2020-10Domiciliary Care Rapid Learning Review : Summary Report
Department of Health
2018-08-31Domiciliary Care Workforce Review : Northern Ireland 2016 -2021
Department of Health
2017-06Equality Screening : PfG Indicator 10 - Looked after Children
Department of Health
2017-06-19Equality Screening, Disability Duties and Human Rights Assessment Template : Continuing healthcare in Northern Ireland
Department of Health. Equality and Human Rights Unit
2017Equality Screening, Disability Duties and Human Rights Assessment Template : The Adoption and Children Bill
Department of Health
2019-07Gaining Initial Support for the conduct of Social Work and Social Care Research Evaluation or Audit activity in two or more Trusts in Northern IrelandHealth and Social Care Board
2015-12Getting focused & Staying focused : a report about 'Looked After Children', Going Missing and Child Sexual Exploitation
Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland; Queen's University Belfast; Pinkerton, John
2017Guidance for registered Social Workers in Northern Ireland : payments of Income support, Jobseeker's Allowance (income Based) and Universal Credit for a child who is formally living with a claimant where it is likely that they would otherwise be looked after by a Health and Social Care Trust
Department for Communities
2017-04Guidance for registered Social Workers in Northern IrelandDepartment for Communities
2015-11Guidance for Writing Court Reports in Line with the Guide to Case Management in Public Law Proceedings, the Principles of Early Authoritative Intervention and Tackling PayNorthern Ireland Guardian Ad Litem Agency