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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-11Consultation on Graduated Driver Licensing and changes to the Practical Driving TestDriver & Vehicle Agency
2016-03-16Consultation on proposals to introduce legislation to exempt electrically assisted pedal cycles from certain licensing requirementsDepartment of the Environment
2017-09Consultation on the implementation of European Directive 2014/45/EU in respect of vehicle testing legislationDepartment for Infrastructure
2018-08Consultation on the Removal of Deposits and Securities as alternatives to conventional insuranceDepartment for Infrastructure; Department for Transport
2017-09Consultation on the use of section 10B permits for road passenger transport in Northern IrelandDepartment for Infrastructure
2018-02Consultation Report on the Belfast Bicycle NetworkDepartment for Infrastructure
2017-10-13Consumer Council response to the Department for Transport Call for Evidence on the New Strategy Beyond the Horizon - The Future of UK AviationGeneral Consumer Council for Northern Ireland
2021-08Consumer Council response to the Translink Strategy - Better ConnectedGeneral Consumer Council for Northern Ireland
2017-06Consumer Views on Taxi Services in Northern Ireland : June 2017
General Consumer Council for Northern Ireland
2021-01Contingency and Emergency Planning : (Temporary updates to Practice Guidance Documents No.2, 3, 4 & 8) : Practice Guidance Document
Department for Infrastructure
2017-08-10Contract Safety Requirements (Northern Ireland Railways)Translink
2021-05-20Covid 19 - Barriers To Transport RecoverySocial & Market Research (Organisation : Northern Ireland)
2021-08Covid-19 Barriers to Transport Recovery : Research Summary Report
General Consumer Council for Northern Ireland
2016Customer CharterDriver & Vehicle Agency
2020-05-01Delegation of Authority : (The Delegation of Functions to Staff) : Practice Guidance Document No.7
Department for Infrastructure
2020-06-02Delivering Major Infrastructure Projects : Specialised project delivery bodies
Northern Ireland Assembly. Research and Information Service; McKibben, Des
2018-03Departmental Statement on the Public Inquiry Into the Proposed Acquisition of Land at Sprucefield for a New Park and Ride Site : The Local Government Act (Northern Ireland) 1972, The Roads (Northern Ireland) Order 1993
Department for Infrastructure
2016-10Design Departures from Standard : TransporttNI Policy & Procedure Guide : RSPPG E006
TransportNI; McCullagh, David
2020-05-01Detention : Practice Guidance Document No.6
Department for Infrastructure
2018-10-30Discussion Paper on the Common Travel AreaNorthern Ireland Human Rights Commission; Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission; de Mars, Sylvia; Murray, Colin (Colin R.G.); O'Donoghue, Aoife; Warwick, Ben