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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-02Public consultation on Regulations to tackle drink driving in Northern Ireland : Synopsis of Consultation Responses
Department for Infrastructure
2018-06Public Road Border Crossings Between the Republic of Ireland and Northern IrelandDepartment for Infrastructure; Ireland. Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport
2017-08Quick Reference Guide to Making Information AccessibleDepartment for Infrastructure
2016Rathlin Island Action Plan 2016 - 2020Department for Infrastructure
2021-10-05Record of Determination : A29 Cookstown Bypass
Department for Infrastructure
2021-03Record of Determination, Annex II relevant projects : A2 Buncrana Road Improvement Scheme
Department for Infrastructure
2018-02Remote Control Parking : Proposals to amend domestic legislation and the Highway Code for Northern Ireland : Public Consultation
Department for Infrastructure
2021-11Resevoirs Act (Northern Ireland) 2015Department for Infrastructure
2017-10Residents’ ParkingDepartment for Infrastructure; Hughes, S.
2017-05Response to the Public Consultation on the EIA Amendment Directive : Consultation period December 2016 - February 2017
Department for Infrastructure
2021-12Review of Active Travel Pop-Up Cycle Lanes : (Bankmore Street, Hardcastle Street, Marcus Ward Place, Dublin Road and Grosvenor Road)
Department for Infrastructure
2017-09Review of NI Taxi Policy & Legislation Proposed Terms of Reference & Proposed Timescale for Phase OneDepartment for Infrastructure
2021-12-15Review of Strategic Planning Policy on Renewable & Low Carbon Energy : Issues Paper
Department for Infrastructure
2019-09Review of Travel Survey for Northern Ireland (TSNI) Headline and In-depth Reports : Summary of Responses to User Consultation Survey
Department for Infrastructure
2019-02Review of Vehicles of Historical Interest (VHIs) roadworthiness testing : Draft Regulatory Impact Assessment
Department for Infrastructure
2016-06Revision of Specification for Pavement Surfacing - longitudinal joints, texture depth and cold applied ultra thin surfacingDepartment for Infrastructure; Braniff, Paul
2019-07Road Bonds, Agreements & Bond Reductions : Development Control - Developers' Information
Department for Infrastructure
2020-06Road Maintenance Standards for Safety - Limited Service in 2020/21 : Director of Engineering Memorandum : DEM 160/20
Department for Infrastructure; Kelly, J.
2018-06Road Safety Courses for Drink-Drive Offenders : A Guide for Course Providers and Courts
Department for Infrastructure
2019-01[RoadsNI Emergency Response Plan RSPPG E035 - glossary of terms]Department for Infrastructure