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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-08Quick Reference Guide to Making Information AccessibleDepartment for Infrastructure
2016Rathlin Island Action Plan 2016 - 2020Department for Infrastructure
2018-02Remote Control Parking : Proposals to amend domestic legislation and the Highway Code for Northern Ireland : Public Consultation
Department for Infrastructure
2017-10Residents’ ParkingDepartment for Infrastructure; Hughes, S.
2017-05Response to the Public Consultation on the EIA Amendment Directive : Consultation period December 2016 - February 2017
Department for Infrastructure
2017-09Review of NI Taxi Policy & Legislation Proposed Terms of Reference & Proposed Timescale for Phase OneDepartment for Infrastructure
2019-09Review of Travel Survey for Northern Ireland (TSNI) Headline and In-depth Reports : Summary of Responses to User Consultation Survey
Department for Infrastructure
2019-02Review of Vehicles of Historical Interest (VHIs) roadworthiness testing : Draft Regulatory Impact Assessment
Department for Infrastructure
2016-06Revision of Specification for Pavement Surfacing - longitudinal joints, texture depth and cold applied ultra thin surfacingDepartment for Infrastructure; Braniff, Paul
2019-07Road Bonds, Agreements & Bond Reductions : Development Control - Developers' Information
Department for Infrastructure
2020-06Road Maintenance Standards for Safety - Limited Service in 2020/21 : Director of Engineering Memorandum : DEM 160/20
Department for Infrastructure; Kelly, J.
2020-09Road Safety at Schools : DfI Roads Policy & Procedure Guide: RSPPG_E070
Department for Infrastructure; Murray, Michael
2019Roads and Rivers Mutual Aid Internal Arrangements 2019Department for Infrastructure
2019-01[RoadsNI Emergency Response Plan RSPPG E035 - glossary of terms]Department for Infrastructure
2018-03-15Special Events On or Near Public Roads : Policy & Procedure Guide : RSPPG E076
Department for Infrastructure; Hughes, Stephen; Connoly, Kieran
2017-07Special Events on Roads : Guidance for District Councils
Department for Infrastructure
2017-07Special Events on Roads : Guidance for Promoters of Events
Department for Infrastructure
2019-09Special Events on Roads : Guidance for District Councils : Issued by the Department for Infrastructure under paragraph 5(a) of and Schedule 3A to the Road Traffic Regulation (Northern Ireland) Order 1997
Department for Infrastructure
2019-03Specification of surfacing aggregate PSV (minimum) for use on the 'Minor' road network : Director of Engineering Memorandum : DEM 168/19
Department for Infrastructure; Braniff, Paul
2017-11Statement by The Department on the Report on the Local Inquiries into the Environmental Statement, Direction Order, Vesting Orders and Private Accesses (Stopping‐up) Order for the Proposed A5 Western Transport Corridor Dual Carriageway Scheme : The Roads (Northern Ireland) Order 1993 : The Local Government Act (Northern Ireland) 1972
Department for Infrastructure