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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-10-07Land Plan O.S. 165/08SWDepartment for Regional Development
2015-11Marine Conservation Zones in the Northern Ireland Inshore RegionDepartment for Regional Development
2016-02-19Memorandum of UnderstandingDepartment for Regional Development; General Consumer Council for Northern Ireland
2015Method of Travel to/from School by Pupils in NI, 2014/15Department for Regional Development
2015Northern Ireland Transport Statistics 2014 - 15Department for Regional Development; Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency
2016-03-03Proposal for a Donaghadee (Harbour Area) Order (Northern Ireland) : A Consultation Paper.
Department for Regional Development
2014-09-02Proposal for the Donaghadee Harbour (Transfer of Harbour Undertaking) Order (Northern Ireland) 201*Department for Regional Development
2015-04Proposal for The Public Passenger Transport (Service Agreements and Service Permits) Regulations (Northern Ireland) Regulations : A Consultation Paper
Department for Regional Development
2015-10Public Attitudes towards Electric Vehicles in Northern Ireland, 2014/2015Department for Regional Development; Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency
2016Public Authority Statutory Equality and Good Relations Duties Annual Progress Report 2015-16Department for Regional Development
2015-09Regional Development Strategy 2035 : Building a Better Future
Department for Regional Development
2015-10Regional Development Strategy, RDS 2035 : Executive Summary
Department for Regional Development
2015Regional Strategic Transport Network Transport Plan 2015Department for Regional Development
2014-10Resource Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2014Department for Regional Development
2015Resource Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2015Department for Regional Development
2015-12-16Road Maintenance Standards for Safety - Revised Inspection FrequenciesDepartment for Regional Development
2016-02Strangford Lough Ferry Service : Proposals to Amend Ferry Timetable
Department for Regional Development
2016-03Sustainable Water : A Long-Term Water Strategy for Northern Ireland (2015 - 2040)
Department for Regional Development
2015-07-09Travel Survey for Northern Ireland Headline Report 2012-2014Department for Regional Development
2015-09Travel Survey for Northern Ireland Technical Report 2012-2014Department for Regional Development; Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency