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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-02Heat Networks : Building a Market Framework Department for the Economy Response
Department for the Economy
2022-01Heat Networks : Building a Market Framework
Department for the Economy
2018-11Help Boost Broadband and Check the List!Department for the Economy
2017-01High Growth Firms in Northern Ireland : A Strategic Appraisal and Policy Assessment
Department for the Economy; Brown, Ross; Suzanne, Mawson; Lee, Neil
2021-09-13High Street Scheme (HSS) - Small and Micro Business Impact Test (SAMBIT)Department for the Economy
2021-04Higher Education Enrolments & Qualifications Bulletins Quality Report - 2019/20Department for the Economy
2020-02Higher level Apprenticeships in Northern Ireland : Background Quality Report
Department for the Economy; Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency
2016-08Household Travel Survey - Methodological Change (August 2016)Department for the Economy
2020-11Impact of the 4 Week Circuit Breaker Hypothetical Extraction Model : Annex A
Department for the Economy
2021-11Independent Research Review of Careers Guidance Delivery 2021 : Terms of Reference
Department for the Economy
2022-01Independent Review of Invest Northern Ireland : Terms of Reference
Department for the Economy
2016-06Industrial and Provident Societies Act (Northern Ireland) 1969 : Guidance Notes - Rule Changes
Department for the Economy
2017-01Industrial Strategy for Northern Ireland Ireland "Economy 2030" : Summary of Evidence Base
Department for the Economy
2017-03Information on Minerals, Geothermal Energy, Groundwater, and GeohazardsDepartment for the Economy
2017-04Innovation Strategy Progress Report : Progress Report to 31 December 2016
Department for the Economy
2017-05Insolvency Code of EthicsDepartment for the Economy
2017-05Insolvency Code of Ethics : Consultation Explanatory Note
Department for the Economy
2022-11InterAnalysis Report DfE Summary DocumentDepartment for the Economy
2020-10-29Interim Policy for Students with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities (SLDD) in Further Education (FE) NIDepartment for the Economy; Belfast Metropolitan College; Northern Regional College (Northern Ireland); North West Regional College; South Eastern Regional College; Southern Regional College; South West College
2019-05Issues Raised in Mineral Prospecting Notification Flintridge Resources Ltd OM4Department for the Economy