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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07Development Proposal (DP) No. 454 - Proposal to Establish A Statutory Part-time Irish-Medium (IM) Nursery Unit at Gaelscoil Na DaróigeDepartment of Education
2016-03Development Proposal No 403 : Bocombra Primary School
Department of Education
2017-02[Development Proposal No 482 - Lagan College / Increase Enrolment]Department of Education
2017-05[Development Proposal No 496 - Tullycarnet Primary School]Department of Education
2015-12-21Development Proposal No.423 Killyleagh Primary School : Transformation To Controlled Integrated Status
Department of Education
2016-01-06Development Proposal No.424 : Closure of Evish Primary School, Strabane
Department of Education
2016-08Developmental Proposal (DP) No 455 - Establishment of a Grant-aided Irish-Medium (IM) Nursery Unit at Bunscoil An Iúir, NewryDepartment of Education
2021-01-08Disability Action Plan 2020 - 2024Department of Education
2017-06Dissemination of Best Practice in Teaching and Learning ResearchDepartment of Education
2015-11Draft Budget 2016-17 : Equality and Human Rights Budget Reduction Screening for VGS/GMIS Centre Funds
Department of Education
2020-10-16Draft Framework for Specialist Provision in Mainstream Schools and Draft Framework for Specialist Provision in Mainstream Schools - PilotDepartment of Education
2020-10-16Draft Special Schools Area Planning FrameworkDepartment of Education
2021-09Education Restart : Coronavirus Guidance Note to all Educational Settings
Department of Education
2022-01Effective responses to bullying behaviourDepartment of Education; Education Authority; Northern Ireland Anti-Bullying Forum
2021-08Engage II Programme : Guidance for Schools
Department of Education
2015-11Equality and Human Rights Policy Screening for A Strategy for Improving Pupil AttendanceDepartment of Education
2015-12Equality and Human Rights Policy Screening for Complaints Tribunals (Curriculum and Related Matters) Regulations and Revocation of Existing RegulationsDepartment of Education
2016Equality and Human Rights Policy Screening for Investing in the Teaching Workforce Scheme 2016/17 (Pilot)Department of Education
2015Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) Consultation Report on Deferring Compulsory School Starting Age in Exceptional CircumstancesDepartment of Education
2021-10-18Equality Scheme : Drawn up in accordance with Section 75 and Schedule 9 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998
Department of Education