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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01NI Reval2023 Rebalancing business rates : Report on the Department's October 2021 Consultation Exercise : NI Reval2023, Setting of Decapitalisation Rates
Department of Finance
2018NICS People Strategy 2018-2021Department of Finance
2020-04NISRA Framework DocumentNorthern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency; Department of Finance
2017North/South Implementation Bodies Annual Reports and Accounts GuidanceDepartment of Finance; Ireland. Department of Public Expenditure and Reform
2018-07Northern Ireland Budget : Budget Background
Department of Finance
2017-11Northern Ireland Budget 2017-2018 : Budget Background
Department of Finance
2018Northern Ireland Civil Service ICT Strategy 2017-2021 : Delivering better Public Services through Technology
Department of Finance
2021-06-07Northern Ireland Civil Service Injury Benefits Scheme : Consultation on Proposed Changes
Department of Finance
2019-10Northern Ireland Civil Service Pension Board : Terms of Reference
Department of Finance; Civil Service Pensions Northern Ireland
2017Northern Ireland Civil Service Pension Scheme Advisory Board : terms of reference
Department of Finance
2021-12Northern Ireland Civil Service Pension Scheme: Prospective Remedy : A draft Statutory Rule covering the move to alpha from 1 April 2022
Department of Finance
-Northern Ireland Construction Bulletin : Output in the Construction Industry
Department of Finance
-Northern Ireland EstimatesDepartment of Finance
-Northern Ireland Estimates : Vote on Account
Department of Finance
2017-10Northern Ireland Government : Making Lives Better : A strategy for Digital Transformation of Public Services 2017-2021
Department of Finance
2022-08-17Northern Ireland House Price Index : Explanatory Notes
Department of Finance; Land & Property Services
2016Northern Ireland House Price Index (NI HPI) ReportDepartment of Finance
2016Northern Ireland House Price Index (NI HPI) Revisions PolicyDepartment of Finance
2016-07-01Northern Ireland Judicial Pension Scheme Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2016Department of Finance
2017-06-28Northern Ireland Judicial Pension Scheme Annual Report and Accounts for the Year ended 31 March 2017Department of Finance