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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-08Enhanced Sport & Recreation Rate Relief - Unlicensed Community Amateur Sports Clubs : Consultation Report
Department of Finance
2016-03Enhanced Sport & Recreation Rate Reliefd for Unlicensed Community Amateur Sports Clubs : Initial Impact Assessment
Department of Finance
2021-06European Social Fund Investment (Priorities 1 & 2) Provision post March 2022 : Strategic Insight Lab Report - 24th & 25th February 2021
Department of Finance
2021-10-07Executive Response to the RHI Inquiry Report Recommendations and Action PlanDepartment of Finance
2020-07Executive Sub-Committee on Reform Following the RHI Inquiry : Terms of Reference
Department of Finance
2020-10Financial Transactions Capital : Overview Paper
Department of Finance
2023-01Financial Transactions Capital - January 2023Department of Finance
2017-09Financing mechanism for the North/South Pension SchemeDepartment of Finance; Ireland. Department of Public Expenditure and Reform
2015-06First Registration Applications - Lost DeedsDepartment of Finance
2021-08General Instructions and Tender Competition RulesDepartment of Finance; Construction & Procurement Delivery
2016-12-20Grant and ProcurementDepartment of Finance
2016Ground Rents Act (Northern Ireland) 2001 Guidance for Rent PayersDepartment of Finance
2019-01Guidance Network Information Systems Regulations 2018 Network Information Systems Regulator for Northern Ireland : Network Information Systems Regulator for Northern Ireland
Department of Finance
2021-06Guidance on NI Public Audit Process Including PAC Scrutiny of Public SpendingDepartment of Finance
2023-12Guidance on NI Public Audit Process Including PAC Scrutiny of Public Spending : Version 2: December 2023
Department of Finance
2022-11Guidance on the Implementation Network and Information Systems (NIS) Regulation 2018 : DOF Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF) - 2022
Department of Finance; NIS Competent Authority
2016Health and Safety at Work : Policy Statement - 2016
Department of Finance
2016-06Implememtation of Article 6 of the Energy Efficiency DirectiveDepartment of Finance
2023-09Implementation of the Recommendations of the RH InquiryDepartment of Finance
2023-12-07Improving Safety in High Rise Residential Buildings in Northern IrelandDepartment of Finance