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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-09A guide to your Pension Savings Statement 2021Department of Finance
2016A note on the operation of pensions increase legislation for public service pension schemes in Northern Ireland :
Department of Finance
2016About the Business Consultantcy Service (BCS)Department of Finance
2016Access to Information PolicyDepartment of Finance
2020All Creatures Great and SmallDepartment of Finance
2022-06Amendments to Technical Booklet R : Amendments Booklet - AMD 8
Department of Finance
2020-09Analysis of NI HPI Regression Model during Covid-19 PandemicDepartment of Finance
-Analysis of NICS Recruitment CompetitionsDepartment of Finance
2018-03Analysis of NICS Recruitment CompetitionsNorthern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency; Department of Finance
2018-04Annex BDepartment of Finance
-Annual Procurement ReportDepartment of Finance
-Annual Report about Special Advisers Employed for the Financial Year ...Department of Finance
-Annual Report and Accounts For the year ended 31 March ...Department of Finance
-Annual Theft & Fraud ReportDepartment of Finance
2016-06Article 69A of the Social Security Pensions (Northern Ireland) order 1975 : Direction by the Department
Department of Finance
2021-03Background Quality Report : Lone Pensioner Allowance & Disabled Persons Allowance Quality Report
Department of Finance
2022-02-16Banking Roundtable Event 16 February 2022Department of Finance
2021-11Belief Marriage and Minimum Age for Marriage or Civil Partnership - a public consultationDepartment of Finance
2020-12Better Business Cases NI : Overview of the Five Case Model SOC ~ OBC ~ FBC
Department of Finance
2020-12Better Business Cases NI : Overview of the Five Case Model Standalone Outline Business Case
Department of Finance