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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-12Call for EvidenceNorthern Ireland. Expert Advisory panel on Adult Care and Support; Department of Health
2022-07Call for Views Summary Report : A new Domestic and Sexual Abuse Strategy
Department of Health; Department of Justice
2020-10Cancer Services Rebuild PlanDepartment of Health
2021-08Cancer Strategy 2021-2031 : Consultation Document
Department of Health
2022-03Cancer Strategy for Northern Ireland 2021 - 2031 : Public Consultation Report
Department of Health
2016-10-27Carbon Monoxide Poisoning : Ongoing Vigilance to Ensure Recognition and Prevention
Department of Health
2020-12-09Care homes : Christmas family visiting (23rd – 27th December) : Updated Guidance
Department of Health
2022-08Care Homes Business Continuity Regional Response Plan : Learning Review Report: The Valley Care Home
Department of Health
2019-08Care in Surrogacy in Northern Ireland : Guidance for intended parents and surrogates 2019
Department of Health
2018-12Career Framework for Specialist Nursing Roles : Supporting specialist nursing in health and social care
Department of Health; Health and Social Care Board; Northern Ireland Practice and Education Council for Nursing & Midwifery
2016-04-08Change to Timing of Vaccination - Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Vaccination of Pregnant WomenDepartment of Health
2017-07Changes required to the passporting of individuals to Help with Health Costs as a result of the introduction of Universal Credit : Consultation
Department of Health
2019Changing the Culture 2019-2024 : One Health : Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance in Northern Ireland : A Five-Year Action Plan
Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs; Department of Health; Food Standards Agency
-Children Adopted from Care in Northern IrelandDepartment of Health
2021-02Children and Young People's Emotional Health and Wellbeing in Education FrameworkDepartment of Education; Department of Health
-Children in Care in Northern Ireland : Statistical Bulletin
Department of Health
2022-02-28Children's Social Care Services Northern Ireland : An Independent Review : Terms of Reference
Department of Health; Ray , Jones
2021-04Children's Social Care: Consultation on proposals to extend modifications to children's social care regulations : Period of consultation: from 8 April to 22 April 2021
Department of Health
-Children’s Social Care Statistics for Northern IrelandDepartment of Health
-Clinical / Social Care Negligence Cases in Northern IrelandDepartment of Health