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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-11One Stop Shops : Findings from the three-year evaluation period: Briefing paper
Public Health Agency; Gossrau-Breen, Diana
2016-11Outbreak of Pneumococcal Disease in a Belfast Shipyard April - May 2015Public Health Agency
2018-06Over 70- what now? : Looking after your breasts
Public Health Agency
2017Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) and its impact : Monitoring, measuring and evaluating the impact of PPI in Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland : Main Report
Public Health Agency; Patient and Client Council; Duffy, Joe; Gillen, Patricia; Agnew, Carolyn; Casson, Karen; Davidson, Gavin; McGlone, Ann; McKeever, Brendan
2016Pertussis immunisation for pregnant womenPublic Health Agency
2020-05PHA/HSCB COVID-19 Regional Surge Plan for the NI Care Home SectorHealth and Social Care Board; Public Health Agency
2017-11Planning ahead with dementiaPublic Health Agency
2017-11Point of decision prompts and signposting footprints improve stair use in a UK city centre office - summary findingsPublic Health Agency
2015Positive Blood Cultures : Laboratory Reports, NI 1st Jan 2009 - 30th June 2015
Public Health Agency
2017-03Positive Blood Cultures: Laboratory Reports, NI : 1st Jan 2010 - 31st December 2016
Public Health Agency
2017-10-17Pre-Consultation on the way the Northern Ireland Diabetic Eye Screening Programme is ProvidedPublic Health Agency
2017-07Pregabalin : Guidance for people working with Pregabalin users
Public Health Agency; Extern (Northern Ireland and Group)
2016-02Pregnancy and nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) : what you need to know
Public Health Agency
2017-03Pressure ulcer prevention : information for patients and carers
Public Health Agency; Health and Social Care Board
2017-04Promoting breastfeeding and for mothers returning to work : A guide for employers
Public Health Agency
2017-04Promoting breastfeeding for mothers returning to work : a guide for employers
Public Health Agency
2018-07Protect Life 2 Service Stakeholder Engagement ReportPublic Health Agency
2017-10Protecting you and your baby : blood tests at your first antenatal visit
Public Health Agency
2016-02Protecting you and your baby : Blood tests at your first antenatal visit
Public Health Agency
2022-10Protecting you from monkeypox : Information on the smallpox vaccination
Public Health Agency