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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-10Group Corporate Responsibility Strategy 2017-2021Translink
-Infrastructure & Projects Directorate Business PlanTranslink
2020-09-16Infrastructure Division Third Party Works Procedure : Infrastructure Procedure
Translink; Smyth, Gary; McDonald, Robert
2017-09[Lurgan Area Track Renewals Screening Report]Translink
2017-09[North West Multimodal Transport Hub Screening Report]Translink
-Northern Ireland Railways Network StatementTranslink
2016-09[Park and Ride Project Screening Report]Translink
2016-08Penalty Fare Appeals PolicyTranslink
2017-09[Portrush Station Development Screening Report]Translink
2017-08Progress : Belfast Transport Hub and Weavers Cross : Community Update
2018-05Public Consultation Feedback : Belfast Transport Hub Planning Application Public Consultation - Summary of Issues and Responses from PACC Report
2022-01Public Transport : The key to building a better, greener future for everyone
-Regulatory Financial Statements Year endedTranslink
2016Strategy 'Get on Board'Translink
2017-07Ticket and Pass Refund PolicyTranslink
2019-03Ticket and Pass Refund PolicyTranslink
2017-09[Track Rehabilitation Programme Screening Report]Translink
2020-07Translink briefing for businessTranslink
2018-01[Translink Future Ticketing System Project Screening Report]Translink
-Translink Strategy : Get on Board