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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Business Plan 2015-16Northern Ireland Commissioner for Complaints
2015Business Plan 2015-2016Department for Social Development
2015Business Plan 2015-2016Northern Ireland Public Services Ombudsman
2016-05-06Business Plan 2015/2016Northern Ireland Policing Board
2016-09Business Plan 2016-17Police Rehabilitation and Retraining Trust (Northern Ireland)
2016-03Business Plan 2016-17Probation Board for Northern Ireland
2016-12Business Plan 2016-17 (October 2016 - March 2017)Department of Justice
2016-09-27Business Plan 2016/17Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service. Central Management Unit
2016-04Business Plan 2016/17Office of the Attorney General for Northern Ireland
2016-11Business Plan 2016/17Department for Communities
2016-04Business Plan 2016/2017Northern Ireland Policing Board
2017-07Business Plan 2017-18Police Rehabilitation and Retraining Trust (Northern Ireland)
2017-11Business Plan 2017-2018Northern Ireland Police Fund
2017-04Business Plan 2017/18Office of the Attorney General for Northern Ireland; Larkin, F. (Attorney general)
-[Business Plan]Comhairle na GaelscolaĆ­ochta
2015C.Difficile Surveillance : Quarterly report July 2015 - September 2015
Public Health Agency
2015C.Difficile surveillance : Quarterly report April - June 2015
Public Health Agency
2016-02C.Difficile Surveillance : Quarterly report October - December 2015
Public Health Agency
2016-11C.Difficile Surveillance : Quarterly report July - September 2016
Public Health Agency
2016-09C.Difficile Surveillance : Quarterly report April - June 2016
Public Health Agency