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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A Consultation Document on the Department's proposals to rename the DVTA Trading Fund Order and to extend its scopeDepartment of the Environment
2016-01A Consultation on Changes to the Certification and Testing of Petrol Vapour Recovery EquipmentDepartment of the Environment
2016-03A Consultation on Ecclesiastical ExemptionDepartment of the Environment
2015-09A Consultation on the Delivery of Learning Disability Day Services for People Living in BelfastBelfast Health and Social Care Trust
2015-09A Consultation on the Delivery of Mental Health Day Services for People Living in BelfastBelfast Health and Social Care Trust
2016-03-23A consultation paper Improvements to the ADI / AMI Schemes in Northern IrelandDriver & Vehicle Agency
2016-09A consultation paper on proposals for the provision of strategic support to the voluntary and community sector in Northern Ireland 2017-2021Department for Communities
2016-02-05A Domestic Abuse Crime and Knowing about a Partner's Violent Past ConsultationDepartment of Justice
2016-02-05A Domestic Abuse Crime and Knowing about a Person's Violent Past.Department of Justice
2017-09A Fundamental review of social housing allocations : consultation of proposals
Department for Communities
2015-11A public consultation to discuss the key issues related to the establishment of a HEMS for Northern Ireland : [Appendices]
Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety
2015-11-03A Strategy for Access to JusticeDepartment of Justice
2015A Tenant Participation Strategy for Northern Ireland : 2015 to 2020
Department for Social Development
2017-06A1 Junctions Phase 2 : Hillsborough to Loughbrickland : Community Consultation
Department for Infrastructure
2016A24 Ballynahinch Bypass : Replies to Submissions to Draft Orders
2016-02A32 Cornamuck Realignment, Omagh : Notice of Intention to Proceed Departmental Decision
Department for Regional Development
2016A5 Western Transport CorridorTransportNI
2015-12Abolition of Class 2 National Insurance : Introducing a benefit test into Class 4 National Insurance for the self-employed
Department for Social Development
2017-09Abolition of class 2 National Insurance contributions : new eligibility test for contributory benefits and maternity allowance: equality impact assessment
Department for Communities
2015-10Accessible Transport Strategy 2025 : Consultation Document
Department for Regional Development