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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-09Research for Better Health & Social Care A Strategy for Health and Social Care Research and Development in Northern Ireland Draft for ConsultationDepartment of Health, Social Services and Public Safety
2017-11Research into the criminal justice experiences of Victims of Sexual Violence and Abuse : Department of Justice response
Department of Justice
2015-11-26Response and Recommendations on Proposals for the Rationalisation of the Court EstateNorthern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service. Operational Policy Branch
2015Response of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission to the Committee for Environment's consultation on the "Environmental Better Regulation Bill"Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
2016-02Response to Access to Justice II Report : A Strategy for Access to Justice: Response of the Law Society of Northern Ireland
Law Society of Northern Ireland
2017-07Response to Comments on NIMDM 2017 ConsultationNorthern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency
2015Response to consultation on Proposals to Extend Age Discrimination Legislation (Age Goods, Facilities and Services).Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
2016-07Response to Consultation Paper - Defamation Law in Northern IrelandDepartment of Finance
2015-09Response to Proposed Fee Structure for Court Funds OfficeLaw Society of Northern Ireland
2015-07Response to the draft Childcare StrategyNorthern Ireland Human Rights Commission
2017-12Response to the Joint Consultation on Minibus Driving Licence Requirements and Section 10B Permits for Road Passenger Transport in Northern Ireland : Consultation response from the Commissioner for Older People for Northern Ireland
Commissioner for Older People for Northern Ireland
2017-05Response to the Public Consultation on the EIA Amendment Directive : Consultation period December 2016 - February 2017
Department for Infrastructure
2017-05-19Response to the UR Northern Ireland Electricity Networks Ltd Transmission and Distribution 6th Price Control (RP6) : 19 May 2017
General Consumer Council for Northern Ireland
2017-11Response to the Utility Regulator Review of DUoS Domestic Tariff Charging MethodologyGeneral Consumer Council for Northern Ireland
2017-06Response to the Utility Regulator Supplier of Last Resort (Electricity) Consultation on Dealing with Customer Credit Balances : June 2017
General Consumer Council for Northern Ireland
2015-12Results of the Public Consultation on the proposed changes to the methodology used to allocate counts for Open University in enrolments and qualification statistics in Northern IrelandDepartment for Employment and Learning
2016-08-31Retail Market Procedure NI 9 : De-Energisation
Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation
2016-01Review of Certain Provisions in The Mental Health Review Tribunal (Northern Ireland) 1986Department of Justice
2015-10-26Review of Certain Provisions in the Mental Health Review Tribunal (Northern Ireland) Rules 1986 : Consultation Paper Issued to Targeted Consultees
Department of Justice
2016-11Review of Civil and Family Justice : Draft Report on Family Justice, Bar Council - Consultation Response
General Council of the Bar of Northern Ireland