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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-06Transposition of the Medium Combustion Plant Directive including the regulation of thermal electricity generatorsDepartment of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs. Air and Environmental Quality Unit
2017-04Ulster Canal Greenway : Draft strategy for a Long Distance, Off-Road, Multipurpose, Recreational Path through Central Ulster
Waterways Ireland
2017-04Ulster Canal Greenway Development Strategy : Strategic environmental assessment - environmental report
RPS Ireland Ltd
2015-12Updated formula for Mental Health Programme of Care to be incorporated into the Regional Capitation Formula : Equality, Good Relations and Human Rights : Screening Template
Health and Social Care Board
2016-11-30Use of Seat Belts by Child Passengers aged 3-13 years on Buses and Coaches (final phase of Directive 2003/20/EC)Department of the Environment
2017-06-14User Consultation on Proposal to discontinue publication of Civil Employment Jobs, Workforce in Employment and Self-employment jobsNorthern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency
2016-12Victim and Witness Expenses Policy : Draft for Consultation
Public Prosecution Service
2016-06Victim and Witness Policy : Draft for Consultation
Public Prosecution Service
2015-09Vision, Mission, Strategic Aims & Values, Summary of Consultation ResponsesNorthern Ireland Local Government Officers' Superannuation Committee
2016-07Voluntary Community And Social Enterprise Sector Funding ModelDepartment of Justice
2015Waterfoot Marine Conservation Zone Designation OrderDepartment of the Environment
2016-07-05Witness Charter : A Charter for Witnesses of Crime
Department of Justice
2016-06Witness Charter. Bar Council Consultation ResponseGeneral Council of the Bar of Northern Ireland
2016-01Written Consultation Responses to the Community Cohesion Strategy 2015 - 2020Northern Ireland Housing Executive