Department for Infrastructure

From 9th May 2016 the Department for Infrastructure encompasses: the functions of the former Department for Regional Development, vehicle regulation, road safety & Driver and Vehicle Agency functions from the Department of the Environment (DOE); Strategic planning from DOE; Rivers Agency from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development; Inland Waterways from the Department of Culture Arts and Leisure; Crumlin Road Gaol Programme-Project from the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister (OFMDFM); St Lucia (ex-Ministry of Defence site) from OFMDFM.

Agencies and Other Associated Bodies

Belfast Harbour Commissioners

Belfast Harbour Commissioners is the official name of the Independent Statutory Corporation which oversees the running of Belfast Harbour. As one of 100 Trust Ports in the UK, it operates commercially but does not have any shareholders or owners and sits outside the public sector.

Coleraine Harbour Commissioners

Coleraine Harbour Commissioners is the Navigational Authority regulating marine operations within Coleraine Harbour from the Bramuth to the Millennium footbridge. It has an environmental duty to conserve and facilitate the safe use of the Harbour and its resources.

Drainage Council For Northern Ireland

The Drainage Council for Northern Ireland is a non-Departmental Public Body constituted under the Drainage (NI) Order 1973.

Driver & Vehicle Agency

The Driver & Vehicle Agency is responsible for licensing and testing vehicles and drivers in Northern Ireland. The functions of the agency moved to the Department for Infrastructure in May 2016.

Londonderry Port and Harbour Commissioners

Londonderry Port and Harbour Commissioners is an Independent Staturory Authority and Port with a duty to improve, maintain and manage the Port to facilitate the development of the harbour.

Northern Ireland Water

Northern Ireland Water is a government owned company with responsibility for water and sewage service in Northern Ireland.

Rivers Agency

Rivers Agency has responsibility to manage flood risk to facilitate the social, economic and environmental development of Northern Ireland.


Brand name for the Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company. Translink was created in 1966 to integrate the services of Ulsterbus, NIR, and Citybus.


Transport NI, was the Road Authority in Northern Ireland with responsibilities for public roads, footways, bridges and street lights. In 2017 it ceased to exist with responsibilities subsumed by the Department for Infrastructure.

Warrenpoint Harbour Authority

Warrenpoint Harbour Authority like other Trust Ports across the UK is not owned by Government but operates autonomously. The Port is required to operate in a commercial manner and is an independent statutory body governed by its own legislation.